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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Don Troiano by Don Troiano danbury ct

Don Troiano by Don Troiano of Oxford Home Mortgage spent 8 years of his life working 12 hours a day to build this company into a major player in the northeast. And all of that work and credibility. All of his adherence to state and federal compliance laws means nothing! All it took was one cyber stalker who has a computer, knows the web and hated him because he fired this guy for drinking on the job. Now whatever Don Troiano does, wherever Don Troiano goes he has to answer about the 5 yes 5 R I P O F F R E P O R T  filings this guy made. I separated the letters because I do not want to promote this site any more then the owner, A convicted felon must spend thousands of hours promoting it himself. It somehow appears at the top of every search engine there is. Please do not look at it, because it only strengthens its ranking with the search engines. Well getting back to my story whatever someone writes. Inflammatory outright lies it shows at the top of your results. This guy chose the worse things in the world to call me knowing that I could never remove it. The site never removes posts and a loophole in the law allows them to leave this up without fear of legal repercussion. You could slander anyone you don't like on a particular day and it will be there forever. We need to enact laws against this sort of behavior. I think what somebody should do is post on this site to every politician in Congress complaining that they do not fix this loophole in the law. When it appears first on their search results you will see how fast they will fix this. it wont be funny then!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don Troiano Free E Book for Mortgage Modification

Don Troiano has published a free E book for mortgage modifaction availiable on his web site


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Don Troiano Danbury, CT owner DTT Energy Consulting

Don Troiano has lives and has worked most of his life in the state of Connecticut. For his undergraduate education, He attended the State University of Western Connecticut at Danbury, the small but respected four-year liberal arts school in Western Connecticut. For the past 3 years, Wesconn Danbury has ranked in the top tier of America’s Best Colleges, according to U.S. News and World Report, as well as one of the 100 Best Values in Public Colleges in Kiplinger’s magazine. Don Troiano majored in economics, maintaining a grade point average of 3.6, which earned him his Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude. In 2009, Don Troiano founded his energy business in Danbury, Connecticut. DTT Energy Consultants performs energy marketing and audit services for businesses and homeowners in Danbury, Brookfield, Bethel, Newtown, Ridgefield, Redding, and other communities in the Fairfield County region. As the owner of DTT Energy Cosultants, Don Troiano supervises a staff that consists of about 45 sales agents and customer services representatives. His responsibilities encompass  business development, credit analysis, customer service, and branch sales. He analyzed prospective clients’ energy  statements and other background data that might prove relevant to the determination of their creditworthiness. He advised corporate customers and commercial concerns  about energy strategies. Don Troiano’s professional affiliations include membership in America’s Community Energy, a national trade association that represents the interests of community energy producers and energy suppliers. He also belongs to the Credit Research Foundation, an independent nonprofit that fosters good practices in the business-to-business credit community. Don Troiano has made charitable donations to the Have a Heart Children’s Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In addition, he performs community work for the Center for Community Services, an organization that fights New York City homelessness by providing services to people on the street, residents who have lower incomes or mental challenges, and other people with special needs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012